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Books/Pamphlets By John Henrik Clarke

Rebellion In Rhyme
Call Number: Africana Library PS3505.L32 R2 1991
Publication Year: 1991

The Image of Africa in the Mind of the Afro-American: African Identity in the Literature of Struggle
Publication Year: 1973

Africans at the Crossroads: Notes for an African World Revolution
Call Number: Africana Library DT31 .C59 1991
Publication Year: 1991

Ahmed Baba: A Scholar of Old Africa
Publication Year: 1983

New Dimensions in African World History: The London Lectures of Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan and Dr. John Henrik Clarke
Call Number: Africana Library DT20.B45 N53
Publication Year: 1991

Christopher Columbus And The Afrikan Holocaust: Slavery And The Rise Of European Capitalism
Call Number: Africana Library HT871 .C59
Publication Year: 1992

African People In World History
Call Number: Africana Library DT30.2 .C59
Publication Year: 1993

My Life In Search of Africa
Call Number: Africana Library DT19.7.C57 A3 1999
Publication Year: 1999

Who Betrayed the African World Revolution? And Other Speeches
Call Number: Africana Library DT20 .C538 1994
Publication Year: 1994

Critical Lessons In Slavery And The Slave Trade: Essential Studies And Commentaries On Slavery, In General, And The African Slave Trade, In Particular
Publication Year: 1996

Black–White Alliances: A Historical Perspective
Call Number: Africana Library HT1581 .C55x 1976
Publication Year: 1976

The Influence of African Cultural Continuity on the Slave Revolts in South America and the Caribbean Islands
Publication Year: 1974

Black Americans: Immigrants Against Their Will
Publication Year: 1974

The End of the Age of Grandeur and the Beginning of the Slave Trade
Publication Year: 1981

Africans Away From Home
Call Number: Library Annex Microfiche 9
Publication Year: 1988

Can African People Save Themselves?
Publication Year: 1990

The Middle Passage: Our Holocaust!
Publication Year: 1991