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Africana Graduate Theses

The purpose of this web site is to provide a link to the abstracts of theses published by graduates of the Masters of Professional Studies Program at the Africana Studies and Research Center, Cornell University. Theses are undertaken as partial fulfillment of graduate degree requirements. Students have written on many different aspects of Africana studies. Currently there are over 150 theses which date back to 1973.

Copies of the theses can be found in the reference section of Africana Library. Archival copies can be found in Cornell University’s Rare and Manuscript Collections, Kroch Library.

Nation Within a Nation: An Examination of the Liberation Theology in the Ansaaru Allah Community in Brooklyn from 1970 to 1993, and its Relationship to the Black Islamic Tradition in the United States

'Of These, One was a Woman': The Lynching of African American Women, 1885-1946

'We are an African People': An Analysis of How Culture Influences the Learning Processes of African-American Children Attending Urban Public Schools

"Gettin' God?" Examining The State of Urban HIV/AIDS Ministries: Building Holistic Responses

"The Belgians took My Picture": The Politics of Identity in the Construction of Ethno-History (Africa's Great Lakes Region, 1862-2001)

"The Muses Themselves Would Bear Witness to This": Jessie Redmon Fauset; A Biographical Portrait and Literary Analysis

"The Sea in My Belly:" Transcendence and the Blues Poetry of Etheridge Knight

"The Secret African City": Ancient Egyptian's Influences on Washington, D.C.'s Planning and Architecture in the 18th and 19th Centuries

"To Bring Grandeur Back to Blackness": Arthur Hall's Afro-American Dance Ensemble in the Historical Continuum of African Dance Performance in the United States

"Too Filthy to Be Repeated": Reading Sexualized Violence Against Enslaved Males In U.S. Slave Societies

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